Silvero Token

What is a security token?

A security token is a digital asset deriving its value from an external asset that can be traded. Such tokens are subject to regulations governing securities. Security tokens can provide many applications - the most promising are tokens as a digital representation of company shares or issued debt.

What are the advantages of Silvero compared to other crypto token/currencies?

Silvero is a kind of security token backed by an existing cash-flow generating asset - the company Silverside. Silvero enables to raise funds allocated as an investment, whilst it provides the regular and frequent interest payouts. It is also regulatory compliant and these features make it one of the most distinctive digital assets on the market. 

What are the advantages of Silvero in comparison with traditional investments?

There are several advantages to traditional investments:

  • Accessibility of Silvero is based on blockchain and as such, it is accessible from almost everywhere
  • Transparency and provable historical performance encoded in the blockchain
  • Regular and frequent increase in value
  • Possible purchase with cryptocurrencies
  • Global market penetration
  • Fractional ownership
  • Security of holding and trading tokens
  • Protection from execution
  • Steady return of 6% p.a.
  • Immediate tradability
  • Silvero will be traded within BitPolis platform

Why haveĀ  you chosen the name Silvero?

The name Silvero is based on the name of a key player of this project, Silverside, a recipient of a loan from the Swiss company. This loan represents the underlying asset that makes from Silvero a security token. Silver is also one of the most precious metals on Earth serving as a form of currency from the dawn of civilization.

How much can I earn from owning Silvero?

Yield is fixed to 6% p.a.

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