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Silvero Token

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What are the advantages of Silvero compared to other crypto token/currencies? (Silvero Token)

Silvero is a kind of security token backed by an existing cash-flow generating asset - the company Silverside. Silvero enables to raise funds allocated as an investment, whilst it provides the regular... Read more

What are the advantages of Silvero in comparison with traditional investments? (Silvero Token)

There are several advantages to traditional investments: Accessibility of Silvero is based on blockchain and as such, it is accessible from almost everywhere Transparency and provable historical p... Read more

Why haveĀ  you chosen the name Silvero? (Silvero Token)

The name Silvero is based on the name of a key player of this project, Silverside, a recipient of a loan from the Swiss company. This loan represents the underlying asset that makes from Silvero a sec... Read more

How much can I earn from owning Silvero? (Silvero Token)

Yield is fixed to 6% p.a. Read more

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